wilder bits

We’ve been stopped in the streets and at our places of work over our latest inovation… the use of puzzles as the main stay of our new earring line called “Wilder Bits”. We’re taking puzzle pieces, hand-wrapping them in .925 Sterling Silver and making them pretty. These are so fun!!!!


Not just the ladies, but even the guys at work love them! You could have bowled us over on that one. Who would think that men would tell us our earrings are cool? But, they have wives, and wives show style; so our men know ladies ;-)


This week, we have our very first home show. We’re tickled (of course). This is going to be fun! We’re excited, can you tell?





Right now we have 3 sizes:

Small (see the Pink earrings): $32

Medium (see the Purple ones without the dolphin): $50

Large (see the Bird and Cat and purple puzzle pieces both with dolphins): $80 (can you find the bird watching the cat wach the bird?)

We have tons of colors (see the Wilder Bits photo.) So what’s your favorite color? If you’d like a pair lease contact us at Sales@WilderBaubles.com