I’m b-a-a-a-c-k….

I’ve been “gone” a long, long time. I was VERY ill and hospitalized for a few life threatening illnesses. I almost died, my husband saved my life, and God has let me live in this plane for now. I really praise God for healing me, letting me retire early (did I mention that I retired?)  and for giving me a wonderful / awesome family!!!! Lots and lots of joy here!!! So I’m back, more or less full time now, and I’ll be making and listing LOTS of new jewelry.

By the way, going forward, I will donate 10% of the sale of my puzzle jewelry to Autism Research at Autism.com in the name of the buyer (or in the name of anyone s/he designates.)

I’ll be changing this site within the coming weeks. Currently I sell on Etsy as you can see. But, I’ll be adding a shopping cart here and selling from this website. Besides actually selling from WilderBaubles.com I’ll also be writing about various aspects of my love for jewelry:

  • Collecting
  • Cleaning
  • Designing
  • Making
  • Photographing
  • Selling


I just sent the following message to: my 2 Senators, my Congressional Representative, and my Republican Candidate. I see so MANY “pass it on” messages… this one I wish we would all Democratic or Republican “pass it on!”

Dear… you… I would like just one thing, same as many others… a stronger economy! How do we get that? That’s easy!

First consider how we can successfully keep it going downhill… What happens when we send our profit to Japan? (an engine built here is not profit, that’s part of sales, profit is over and above that and goes back to the Mother Country)… Our jobs offshore? And then bailout those who fail because we did the 1st 2 things?

We sink! Our economy can NOT get better until and unless we invest in ourselves FIRST!

BUY American (not Korean, Japanese, nor Chinese). Keep our jobs here, don’t hire an Indonesian in Indonesia when we have people who need jobs! But DO HIRE an Indonesian here who needs a job.

Let our economy right itself!

Can those I wrote speak for me? Not unless they proscribe to the above! Won’t you speak for me please? Why don’t we speak for each other!!!! On this single issue if no other!

Congratulations to Charleen Chapman on our May 29th Leap Year Giveaway!

Charleen is our 4th winner of a pair of our $80 Sterling & Jigsaw Puzzle earrings. We our sooooo thrilled to add her to our growing list of winners.

You can register too! Simply leave a comment on our website about which of our items at http://www.WilderBaubles.etsy.com you like best… that’s it! You’re in! And, you’ll be the running till your name is drawn or till December 29th, whichever comes first!

Our next Art Show – Gulfport Florida June 23rd

We’d be honored if you’d join us in Gulfport, Florida at our next (and 5th) Arts & Crafts Show. Mention that you saw this on our website and we’ll give you 10% off everything you purchase. Oh, and by-the-way, please leave a comment and register for our 4th Leap Year giveaway on May 29th. We’re giving away a free pair of $80 earrings on the 29th of every month this year. We’ve given away 3 pairs so far. Once registered always registered (April’s winner registered in February). And, enter more than once, because the only way your name comes out of that bowl is if it’s drawn. See you on the 23rd?

And we have ANOTHER (the 3rd) WINNER!

Last night we drew the name of Sheryl (“aka Only Sister”) for the 3rd winner of a pair of our $80 sterling wrapped jigsaw puzzle earrings!

Don’t be left out! We have 8 more drawings, on the 29th of every month, in honor of Leap Year (we started February 29th – of course.) Once in always in, and if you enter more than once, you’re “in” more than once.

Here’s a picture of what they look like:

So, why delay? Just go to http://www.wilderbaubles.com/?p=299 follow the directions as to leaving a comment (that’s really ALL you need to do… there’s nothing to buy… ever! PS: That’s MY kind of giveaway!)

PLEASE, let me add your name to my bowl of names to be drawn from, next drawing is May 29th!

What are YOU doing May 5th?

Our 3rd show will be May 5th (it’s Dawn Sye’s of ForCraftsSake Birthday and Cinco de Mayo.) We’ll be at the Largo Community Center Open Air Market.) I’ll be thinking of Dawn of course, my Baby Girl is ALL grown up! (PS: Don’t forget to register at http://WilderBaubles.com/?p=299 for our FREE GIVEAWAY! Next drawing for an $80 pair of “Wilder Bits… the missing piece” is on 29 April. There are still 9 more chances to win April thru December, on the 29th of every month.)

We went this last weekend to check the show out and we were pleasantly surprised to find we knew a couple of folks there from our 1st two shows and this got me thinking… it’s a circuit (yes and it’s a bit of a circus too!) But it’s kind of cool… these are artists and growers, it’s NOT a flea market. Please, I don’t mean to make it sound like a Flea market is a “bad” thing. It’s not! But at flea markets people are looking for great deals, cheaper items. They aren’t looking for “art”. At an open air market or art show, you aren’t looking for a great “deal” per se. You’re looking for organic foods (no pesticides) and unique art.

As in any group, you get to know other artists, just like… well, just like us! You get tips and techniques… “Hey, did see how he set up his tables?” “Wow! Check out her chairs!”… Not only are we grateful for this God given opportunity, but it answers a prayer.

No, not the retirement prayer, we aren’t even a speck closer to that! But, the prayer about widening our sphere of influence, giving us a greater opportunity to witness for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ… YES! Please ask me about the “hope that is in” me, and I’ll gladly share it with you! I’ll give you a hint…. in a nutshell… He IS risen!

We’ll keep you posted… as I learn about how to do this I’ll post my likes and dislikes, lessons learned, and any thing else I find out about!

Leave a comment here and I’ll count it towards registration to win our next giveaway. Come see us in May, mention this post and we’ll give you 10% off everything you buy from us!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We have the 2ND Winner of our Leap Year Giveaway…

Congratulations are in order for Debbie, the winner of our 2nd Leap Year Giveaway drawing. CONGRATULATIONS Debbie!!

... the missing piece

a single Wilder Bits Puzzle Earring (... the missing piece)

Don’t give up if you’ve registered but haven’t won… yet… we have 9 more drawings (on the 29th of every month in 2012) in this seldom seen “Leap” Year. Once registered, always registered (sounds like a nice rule to me!) And if you haven’t registered, just go to our Etsy store at http://WilderBaubles.etsy.com then come back here and leave a comment about which item you like best, a link to it, and why you like it. That’s it! Nothing to buy! If you enter more than once, you only increase your chances to win!

... the missing piece(s)

A pair (it's better than just 1) of Wilder Bits (... the missing pieces) earrings

If you’ve seen our store before and wonder where all the pretty earrings and other special jewelry went… well… we did our very 1st juried Art Show this last weekend, and we have our 2nd juried Art Show next weekend (4/7). So… we need to show our jewelry at.. well, at the show… But, come see us… and please, please, keep us in your prayers for the upcoming one because it actually comes with judges evaluating our work and awarding prizes and ribbons. Even not winning is a good thing, because I can see what people who win do and thereby.. learn.. learning is good! Everything not sold Saturday, will be right back the following Monday on Etsy at http://WilderBaubles.etsy.com

You’d like to stop buy and see us??? OH, Sweetheart, we’d LOVE to see you too!!! And if you mention you saw this, we’ll give you 20% off everything you buy at the show. The show is the Beauty and the Beach Fine Arts & Crafts Show in Kolb Park, Indian Rocks Beach, FL. See you there??? HOPE SO!!!

We’re BACK from our 1st Juried Art Show

TONIGHT AT 9 PM — 2nd Leap Year drawing for a free pair of $80 Wilder Bits (… the missing piece) earrings. Register, by leaving a comment NOW! (We’ll be doing this every 29th for 2012.)

We’re back! We just participated in our very first Arts & Crafts Show at the Safety Harbor, Florida, Kiwanis 26th Annual Spring Craft Show & Grapefruit Festival. We sold a couple items, but learned more than I can even write about. We had other vendors complimenting our display and had another Art Show requesting our participation (even the Kiwanis invited us back for the December show.) We’ll be there, you too? Interspersed below, I give you my lessons learned tips…

Before I tell you about the show.. please click on our “giveaways” tab, leave a comment to enter for our giveaway of an $80 pair of our Wilder Bits earrings. (Nothing to buy, just leave a comment about which of our items you like the best.) Next drawing is in 3 days on the 29th of March! I would LOVE to give the next pair to YOU!

OK, the show…. Gordon and I drove up to the show location on Saturday to “scope” things out… our spot, close parking, etc… God be praised, we found the best parking spot, backed right up to our booth location with only a little sidewalk between our car and THE spot… One of our wonderful sons (we have 4), Davin, came up on Saturday to help us pack the car (unpack, and repack) – I’ve just had back surgery and can’t lift more than 10 lbs! Thank you God for 5 awesome kids! We got up (a little late) VERY early yesterday for a 5 AM departure to Safety Harbor.

TIP #1 – scope out your set up time, location, and parking, then plan arrival accordingly!

TIP #2 – pack your car(s) the day before!

We ran through Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru for breakfast and booked it up to Safety Harbor. While arriving a little later than planned, no one else was there yet, so we got the parking spot of our dreams. We scarfed down our breakfast and began our 1st Art Show set up at 6 AM. Good thing too… while we’d practiced our table set up, as well as our tent set up (thanks to another of our God given sons, Chris), we’d never done it all together, with everything before. It took us till just before opening at 9 AM to get everything in its place.

Now comes the fun part… the show ran from 9 AM to 4 PM and estimated # of visitors was in the few thousand range, because the Kiwanis Arts & Crafts show had combined with the Safety Harbor Grapefruit Festival and the Safety Harbor Chalk Art Show. We had a lot of people come through our booth. Our highlights are:

  1. We sold one pair of Wilder Bits (… the missing piece) puzzle earrings – the ones with all the bells and whistles.
  2. We received a Special Order for a custom necklace, which I’ll be making this week, delivering on Saturday. And this wonderful customer asked that we be prepared for a 2nd order for her other daughter.
  3. We had several other vendors come through our booth complimenting our display (I was pleased, but didn’t see that coming – that rather humbled me!)
  4. We had the coordinator of another event, Palm Lake Christian Church, on May 19th invite us to be a vendor at their show.
  5. The Kiwanis coordinator invited us back to their December 9th show, which is twice as big as yesterdays.

We are blessed! And singing God’s praises to the rooftops!!!! He’s got this totally covered! God willing I’ll be able to join my husband in retirement in the not tooooo distant future. If He doesn’t will? That’s OK too, that just means there is someone at work who needs me!

PS: Today we found out we’ve been accepted for our 2nd juried show, the Beauty and the Beach Fine Arts & Crafts Show on April 7th in Kolb Park, Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. This show comes with prizes and ribbons. Even if we don’t win a ribbon, I’ll get the feedback I need to improve. If you see this, let us know and we’ll give you a 10% discount on any and all purchases.

Leap Year GIVEAWAY… I need YOU!

Happy Leap Year Everyone!!!

On February 29th, Sadie Hawkins Day, we drew a name from among all those who register for this contest. The winner received a pair of Wilder Bits earrings; an $80 value. Thos gorgeous blue and yellow jigsaw puzzle earrings were handwrapped in 100% sterling silver. They came from a vintage Nicky Zann puzzle called Cat City. How do you become the owner of those lovelies?

It’s soooooo easy!

Just leave a comment here, I’ll draw the winner from among all who do. But not just any comment.

1. Please go to http://WilderBaubles.etsy.com

2. Pick your favorite item in the store. Then come back to this post and leave a comment about the item you like the best (leaving a link to that item), telling us why you like it.

3. That’s it!

4. If you really like what you see, I’d be very honored if you’d leave a link to this post on your Facebook, Twitter, or even your own blog.

We serve an AWESOME Lord! Just look what He has done….

Yesterday Gordon & I received the news that we’d been accepted into a show and we then called a couple of our family to see if you could help us. Why?

Well the show is March 25th and I can’t lift more than 30 pounds well into April. As Gordon was speaking on the phone to them, I couldn’t believe I’d done that. “That” what? Well, applied to a show in March…. but I’m dumb and didn’t think more about it right then…. But, I’m also having surgery next week to implant a neuro-spinal stimulator…. stupid Luci!

I then received a flyer … but before I tell you the biggest news….

All the way through this (since August 2009) we’ve continually asked God if we were on the right track and we’d lay out “fleeces” seeking direction (my biggest thing is that I do NOT want it to be me doing MY will!!) And in every instance the answer came bact that, “Yes, you are on tract.” And he’d answer us is the most austounding ways, so that we’d know it was HIM speaking. The first time it was (before I’d sold anything) a total stranger complimenting me on them and said she’d buy them (I later gave her a pair ;-) Then, at a local Farmer’s Market several women walked up and asked where I’d gotten them. I gave them my card and later they called and came to my home and purchased a couple of pairs. I’d again asked for one final confirmation and a man at work whom I’ve always rubbed the wrong way stopped me in a meeting telling me how much he loved my earrings. Recently he purchased a pair for his wife.

But, over the last couple of weeks, working on Wilder Baubles while recovering, I was getting a bit discouraged…. then we had our first on-line sale… that helped ;-) and just this last Sunday, I started to think… “Lord, did I hear you correctly? No, you answered, I do not need to ask again. Thank you for the sale, Oh Lord!” On top of this yesterday morning I asked the Lord to soften my heart towards Him…

Why am I telling y’all this?

Yesterday we were notified that we’d been accepted into our very first juried Arts & Crafts Show, The Safety Harbor Kiwanis 26th Annual Spring Craft Show & Grapefruit Fest, March 25th. We are soooooo excited, but oh, oh… due to cochlear surgery 2 weeks ago and spinal surgery next week I can’t lift anything into April. How could I be so dumb???

The show is a juried show, meaning we had to send in photos of our work and our display in order to be accepted…. so that’s cool… we got accepted…. YIPEEEEE!!!

But, after reading the flyer they emailed us… wait for it ;-) ….. I realized….. my heart is softened towards my Lord, I’m indeed humbled!

I did NOT apply to a March 25th Show…. I applied for a Kiwanis show in late MAY. How can you know it’s God? HE DID THIS ONE NOT ME!

Had the show we applied to asked, if we wanted to be in a show in March, we would have turned it down! Though now this show is now expected to be huge because all of the snow-birds will still be here, so it’s now going to be still in season for us and the Kiwanis have paired up with the City of Saftety Harbor itself (the Grapefruit Festival) for more visibility – a lot more advertising.

God did this! What an awesome God I serve!

To see more about this festival click here